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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mind Chi - Book Launch - March 6th 2010

New Mind Chi Book Helps Re-Wire the Brain in Just 8 Minutes a Day

Achieve Personal and Professional Goals Almost Effortlessly

MIAMI, FL March 5, 2010 - If you want to think better and sharper, feel more confident and experience a sense of well-being in every aspect of your personal and business life, then you’ll want to read the new book Mind Chi (Wiley, 2010). ISBN - 978-1-906465-58-2

The intriguing new practice described in this just-released book was inspired by T’ai chi ch’uan, a Chinese martial art employed since ancient times for health and well-being. Mind chi is a modern interpretation of T’ai chi created by the book’s co-authors, which emphasizes mental exercises. It synthesizes positive psychology, mental wellness and eudemonics (the study of happiness) into one easy-to follow guide.

“If you’re willing to spend just eight minutes a day doing super simple brain exercises, your life can change completely,” said Richard Israel, co-author of Mind Chi.

“The eight steps of Mind chi are grounded in established theories of memory, mind and motivational development and neuroscience,” added Vanda North, the book’s other co-author. “Our techniques are designed to improve your control, willpower and focus with the end goal of enhancing success both in your personal and business life.”

The Mind chi process encourages you to ask: What is right about me, and how can I have more of it? How can I learn to direct my will to produce the outcomes I desire? Practiced for just 28 days, this new way of thinking transforms into a life-enhancing habit.

Each of the eight steps takes just one minute and can be employed throughout the day whenever convenient.

One example, designed to improve focus, concentration and clarity of thought, is called “One.” In One, you set a timer and silently repeat the word “one” until an intruding thought occurs. At that point say “two” over and over until another thought intrudes, at which point you say “three,” and so on. At the end of one minute note the number you reached. The goal is to be able to stay on “one” for 60 seconds with no other thoughts intruding.


To learn more about Mind Chi go to www.mindchi.com.

To order the book at $17.24 (usual price $23.95 go to http://astore.amazon.com/retramernow-20

Contact Gwen Carden - Gwen at Cardencreative.com (772)220-1230 to arrange author interviews or receive a review copy.

Mind Chi & J. Wiley (publisher) are sponsors of the USA Memory Championships 2010.

About the authors:

Richard Israel is a consultant, international speaker, trainer and co-author with Tony Buzan of the bestselling Brain$ell. He has lectured to over 100,000 people worldwide on business and sales techniques. He is also an affiliate of Retraining America Now, LLC www.retrainingamericanow.com

Vanda North was president of the International Society for Accelerated Learning and Teaching and founded the Buzan Centres worldwide. She has authored several books and is a sought-after consultant by business, commercial and government organizations worldwide.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What they are saying about Mind Chi the book

Michael Gelb, pioneer in creative thinking and accelerated learning, professional juggler who created the Juggling Metaphor Method, author, More Balls Than Hands: Juggling Your Way to Success; Thinking for a Change: Discovering the Power to Create; Samurai Chess: Mastering Strategic Thinking Through the Martial Art of the Mind; How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius and Da Vinci Uncoded

“Leonardo had it, Edison had it, and now you can have it too. ‘It’ is ‘Mind Chi’. This powerful book will show you how to cultivate, integrate and apply your mental energy for breakthrough performance in all walks of life.”

Mind Chi - Available to pre-order at significant discount from www.retrainingamericanow/themagicalmasterystore available Dec/Jan UK and Late February USA

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Rise of Women In Business

One of the Interesting trends in the Workplace is the role of women in leadership and that the employment of women is rising faster than men. - Clive Digby-Jones. President, Retraining America Now, LLC

Trend - There will be an 8% increase of women in the US workforce, over 10 years, compared to 5% men. Women will rule business. The female management style creates more profit. A study of 353 FORTUNE 500 companies found that those with more women in senior management had a higher return on equities by more than a 3rd. They manage more cautiously, focus on the long term, are consensus builders, and employ a transformational leadership style– Shipman & Kay, ‘Womenomics’, published June 12 2009.

My friend Gina, sent this email and it goes some way to exploring the dynamic drive that is occurring.

Global Women's Enterprise Day today

Meeting some of the most amazing & enterprising women - in California!

Greetings my dear friends, from San Francisco .....

I am having the most incredible experience. I've been on the road 2 months now in West Coast USA. It's hard to explain why I am here. If you have received missives from me over the last 3+ years you will know that I have talked about being in transition - as many of you are I am sure. It's been incredibly difficult to write about and communicate with others because this is mainly an internal process of becoming - becoming WHAT I am not sure, but I am in a place of huge faith and trust. I am going where the flow is taking me.

This morning I watched a DVD of a presentation from the Institute of Noetic Sciences (based here) and they talked about being between two stories and that really describes where I am. I have totally left behind the OLD STORY: I have no business card, no specific role and that's OK. My ego sometimes cries out and I have to reassure myself that beneath the physical, beneath what I can see, know and understand, is a new story being written. But I do feel I am almost there ..... I know my adventures which are flowing so synchronistically are taking me to where and what I need to be. I meet so many others in the same space too...... it seems to be an epidemic!

Although I have found it hard to write I could not let Global Women's Enterprise Day go unmarked. Three of my five passions: GLOBAL (world citizenship & the earth), ENTERPRISE and WOMEN, all in one day (November 18th), so I had to write. We are only missing HOME & HEALTH from that list, but more of that later ....

If you are interested read on and I will pull together a quick list of some of where I have been and who I have met:

• The rise of the feminine: everywhere I have been in California I have connected with women's groups, taken part in conference calls (Women from the Edge of Evolution), and heard of/attended many women's events: eg 2 weeks ago, Maria Shriver, first lady of California hosted the Women's Conference in LA which was sold out at 13,000 participants!

• The Women's Foundation of California, (WFC) celebrated a milestone with their 30th anniversary lunch which I attended - a prestigious event with 400+ women. 30 years ago a group of women met round a kitchen table ....... see my blog for more

• While there I met actress Geena Davis, honoured at the WFC lunch as a Pioneer (see photo above should it need a caption). Never mind her ground-breaking movies Thelma & Louise (video clip) and In a League of Their Own which she said had women and girls coming up to her in the street to thank her for changing their lives. After that she knew she had to engage in some form of activism. She founded an institute on Gender in Media to reduce stereotyping of women and to get more female roles (the ratio of male to female characters is 3:1) [more on the blog]

• This somehow led me to connect with Women's Funding Network (WFN), which is one of the largest collaborative philanthropic networks in the world with more than 150 organizations that fund women's solutions across the globe. It started as an initiative of the Women's Foundation of California and its members are private and public women's foundations. Collectively, their members invest $60 million annually in women and girls worldwide, and they have raised and given away over $1 billion. (I know, it's jaw-dropping isn't it?!)

• Staying in Novato, Marin County I found I was just yards and a few days away from the annual Bioneers Conference in their 20th year so I attended [see my travel blog]. Three days with my tribe! I was so blown away; incredible speakers included Annie Leonard on her Story of Stuff (see my previous March blog) and integrated health pioneer Dr Andrew Weil. Jim Garrison from the State of the World Forum talked about Brasil 2020: Brasil is the only country in the world to agree to climate change initiatives that reduce carbon levels by 2020 and not 2050 like everyone else. (That is what is being discussed in Copenhagen in December this year Visit the website countdown.)

• Bioneers also introduced me to the work of Jensine Larsen, who at age 28 founded World Pulse magazine with an online presence that provides a voice for rural women all over the world. She pointed out that there are 3 unstoppable trends: the rise of women's leadership (over 50% of the government's cabinet in Rwanda are women); there is a communications revolution which means women in remote rural villages now have access to the world; empowering & educating women & girls is the fastest way to develop a country.

• In the Wall Street Journal, Hillary Clinton referred to world business and political leaders now saying that investing in women and girls is integral to a global economic recovery. She said: "We've seen again and again that women are entrepreneurial, accountable and practical. They invest earnings directly in family and communities and pay back loans at a higher rate than the norm. Women are a good investment".

• On a conference call with Dr Jean Houston I heard that women are now OVER 50% of the workforce in the USA: they will however, only earn 38% of what men take home in a lifetime. I made notes on Jean's pearls of wisdom with my newest toy, a Livescribe pen that records words as well as filming what it is writing and then uploads it to your computer. See my blog to read about it and to see & hear Jean's notes. (it's awesome!) She talked of women now having the initiative to take the tiller of the world and leading us all towards the new world that is emerging .... women are now recognising their strengths and stepping forward in many arenas, it's an urge felt by millions of women around the globe. It's not a movement to take over from men but to partner them more fully.

• talking about partnership, I've just studied in Seattle at the Partnership Studies Centre to be a presenter & facilitator of Caring Economics based on the work of Dr Riane Eisler and her book "The Real Wealth of Nations". Watch video. I will be writing a lot more about this brilliant material and incorporating it into my Wisdom Retreats. Riane proposes that the real wealth of nations is NOT financial: it is made up of the contributions of nature and people, energies and acts of caring that are seemingly invisible and uncounted but which underpin our whole economy and without which the world could not function.

• and finally, the Pachamama Alliance, co-founded by my favourite author & activist Lynne Twist who I met again at a Green Conference here (see my video interview with her for International Women's Day last March) .... they are holding their huge annual presentation tomorrow Thursday 19th at noon PST time (YES, I am going). It will be beamed live around the world so do join in (Facebook invite).
My goodness that's enough ... you see, once I get started I could write a book!! Which is what I'll do in the new year. In the meantime, enjoy Global Women's Enterprise Day. Keep this letter and go through the resource links when you have time. I'm hosting a circle gathering of fabulous women in San Francisco tonight and will let you know what comes from our discussions.

love & light

Gina Lazenby - keep up to date with me on twitter

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PS ONE LAST THING: After years of hard work I am finally getting that I might just be able to do more by having FUN. It's an enjoyable experiment.

PPS AND ONE FINAL THING: do check out my blog woman-at-large

UK cell + 44 7802 33 11 12
USA cell +1 415 670 0384

Final word from Clive.....As I look at our website, three mature guys, starting a business, I could ask where are the ladies?! Good news, we are in discussion to add our next two affiliates/partners and they happen to be women. We aim to have 50 partners/affiliates within three years. We are also seeking candidates in the HR, Training, Corporate and Personal Development and Health arenas for the Mind Chi Mentor Program - sales skills an asset. Clive DJ See Retraining America Now's website.

What they are saying about Mind Chi the book

Dr. Stephen Lundin Ph.D. is a writer, entrepreneur and filmmaker with a rich history as a graduate level business school professor and dean. Steve has written a number of books including the multimillion copy best selling FISH! and the simply bestselling FISH! Tales, FISH! Sticks and FISH! for Life. What Steve says about Mind Chi, the book:

"When I read Mind Chi I said to myself, 'It's about time.' Mind Chi takes contemporary knowledge of the brain, the best thinking from Psychology and the wisdom of the ages and packages these three in a format that allows access to their power. An eight minute daily dose of Mind Chi may not cure warts but it will certainly improve vitality, reduce stress and allow us to see the many blessings of life more clearly.”

To pre-order the book, go to The Magical Mastery Store

To find out more about the Book and the opportunity to become a Mind Chi Mentor go to www.retrainingamericanow.com

Monday, November 9, 2009


Derek Wilson one of England's prominent industrialists and consultants has agreed to advise Mind Chi UK on the structure and recruiting of the UK Mentors program. With a goal of 100 mentors for the United Kingdom in 2010, most of whom will be working with implementing MC into British corporations, Derek's advice will prove invaluable.

Contact Retraining America Now for details of how to become a Mind Chi Mentor in the USA and to pre-order the Book 'Mind Chi - rewire your brain in 8 minutes a day and 50 strategies to achieve success in Business and life' due to be published in February

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Management Rewired - Why Feedback Doesn't Work

From Publishers Weekly

Management Rewired Book Cover

Management Rewired: Why Feedback Doesn't Work and Other Surprising Lessons from the Latest Brain Science (Hardcover)

Jacobs, founder of the Amherst Consulting Group and managing partner of One Eighty Partners, debunks management myths in this provocative, counter-intuitive volume, demonstrating how relying on emotions—rather than logic—leads to better business decisions. Jacobs draws on the latest research showing that positive and negative reinforcement don't improve performance, quantifiable objectives cause workers to fixate on the short term and sacrifice long-term focus and certain common management practices produce the opposite of the intended effect. He examines the limitations of current organizational strategy in light of brain science, using layman's language to map out how the brain interprets experience and responds to feedback, reward and punishment. He asserts that organizations that are able to apply brain science to their businesses will have a decided advantage over the competition, and he shows how his findings can enhance performance at every level of a company. Well argued and substantiated, this book turns prevalent management theory on its head and will have lasting impact on how it is taught in business schools and implemented in organizations. (May 2009)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Available from Retraining America Now's Magical Mastery Store. www.retrainingamericanow.com